Current research in the lab

  • Molecular Systematics of ferns: phylogenetics, macro-ecology, genomics and spatial genetics.

    • Key words: Landscape genomics, Population Ecology, Phylogeography, Macroevolution, Fossils, Tree Ferns
    • Goal: The main goal is to describe the patterns of species diversity and study the factors and mechanisms associated with species diversification in ferns, particularly tree ferns. For this, we are studying geographical patterns of ecological, morphological and genetic variation at different spatial scales. We are also exploring the factors associated with heterogeneity in the rates of molecular evolution and species diversification in ferns and other plants. 
    • Principal collaborators: Rosana Zenil-Ferguson.
    • Students: Open for interested grad students!

Forests in the mist: the impacts of climate change on cloud forests

    • Key words: Species distribution models, Landscape genomics, Phylogeography, Climate Change, Cloud forests
    • Goal: To understand the effects of past and future climate change on the geographical distribution of species and its impact on community composition, population divergence (morphological and ecological) and local adaptation. 
    • Principal collaborators: Angela Cuervo Robayo (CONABIO), Andrés Ortíz Rodríguez (IB-UNAM), Hernando Rodríguez Correa (ENES Morelia-UNAM), Virginia Rebolledo Camacho (INIFOR-UV), Antonio Vazquez Aguilar (INECOL), Juan Francisco Ornelas (INECOL), Jonás Aguirre Liguori (UC-Irvine), Luis E Eguiarte (IE-UNAM), Juan Pablo Jaramillo (IE-UNAM).
    • Students: Open for interested grad students!