All of the work we do depends on collaborative work with many colleagues.

Population genomics and phylogeography
  • Luis Eguiarte Fruns, Instituto de Ecología, UNAM
  • Juan Francisco Ornelas, Instituto de Ecología AC
  • Jonás Aguirre-Liguori, University of California-Irvine
  • Andrés Ortíz Rodríguez, Instituto de Biología, UNAM
  • Hernando Rodríguez Correa, ENES-Morelia, UNAM
  • Virginia Rebolledo Camacho, INIFOR, UV
  • Antonio A. Vasquez, Instituto de Ecología AC
Flowering plant macroevolution and diversification
Ecological niche modeling and climate change
Fern diversity, ecology and anatomy
Fungi and bacteria