Scripts and more

Here you can find R scripts developed at the lab for different types of analyses and links to useful code and data.

Environmental data


Fossil calibration set for dating angiosperms

  • PROTEUS database (restricted access)
  • Unrestricted database coming soon….


Geographical distribution and species richness maps

  • Coming soon…..


Code and scripts

When using the scripts below please cite the original papers and the version used.

  • Estimate the distribution of adaptive alleles, population migration, and genomic offset of populations.
    • Data and Scripts (written by Jonás A Aguirre Liguori): Teosintes_v1*

*Citation: Aguirre-Liguori JA, Ramírez Barahona S, Tiffin P, Eguiarte LE (under review)  Future climate change predicts population extinction by disrupting patterns of local adaptation in wild relatives of maize